CatecheticalDear Parents,

Hopefully with God’s blessings you and your family had a pleasant summer. Father Costa and the Religious Education staff, are eager to resume Catechetical classes for the 2014-2015 School year.

Classes will begin Sunday, September 14th. Enclosed in the bulletin is the registration form to be completed and returned to the church office or to Marina Payiavlas.
Each child in a family needs his/her own completed form.Extra forms may be picked up at the candle counter,on our website or in the office.
Students are expected to attend the Divine Liturgy prior to class each Sunday. All Students will proceed to their classrooms immediately following Holy Communion. Fr. Costa’s 11th and 12th grade classes will be the ONLY
Classes that meet following the Divine Liturgy.
Kindergarten/First will meet behind the altar as will Second/Third. Parents can pick up their children at those classrooms upon the conclusion of Divine Liturgy.
Grades 4-5,6-8 and 9-10 will meet in the church basement. Only Sunday School Faculty and students will be permitted to enter past the basement doors during class time.
This year,as in the past years, we will have a Sunday offering collection for the Sunday School students each Sunday, in their classroom. Candles have also been available and will be each Sunday to the left of the church entrance in a tray where the Sunday School students can make a donation for their candle.

The following is the list of teachers and their grade level:
Kindergarten-First Grade:Mrs Anna Atsalis, Mr. Matt Kassos
Second-Third Grade: Mrs Cynthia Savakis
Fourth- Fifth Grade: Mr. Andrew Poulos
Sixth-Seveth-Eighth Grade: Mr. Alex Savakis
Ninth-Tenth Grade Mrs. Arlene DiCesare
Eleventh-Twelvth Grade: Father Costa

All Altar boys through grade 10 will be expected to sumbit a registration form.They will be excused from their liturgical service/duties by Mr. Andrew Poulos following Holy Communion each Sunday to attend their Sunday School Class
Only the eleventh and twelfth grade altar blys will remain in the altar until the completion of the Divine Liturgy.Their calss will begin at that time with Father Costa.We Would appreciate the prompt return of the completed registration forms to enable the teachers to arrange their class list attendance book along with the texts and supplies necessary for the beginning of the class Sunday, September 14, 2014
You will be informed of upcoming Sunday School events/activities in the chuch bulletin, on our website or by letter.
Wishing everyone a blessed church school year!

Yours in Christ,
Father Constantine Valantasis
Mrs. Marina Payiavlas and all the Sunday School teachers